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Poultry Poultry


Our free range chickens and ducks are produced by Peter and Sue, at Merrifield farm in Devon. The family pride themselves on producing the best in welfare and quality standards. Producing fine birds that are fed with only the best low density free from GM diet and able to roam freely in large grassy fields with barns for protection.


Free Range Chicken: These birds are fed a low density GM free, additive and antibiotic free diet to allow slower growth, greater maturity and better flavour.

Barn Reared Chicken: Fed a diet containing no genetically modified ingredients and no growth promoters or antibiotics to speed growth. An excellent cheaper alternative.

Free Range Duck: Reared in small flocks they have a daytime access to grassy paddocks, and a large pond. They are only fed on Corn and vegetables and allowed to grow slowly for a greater taste.

Poussin: Wonderfully tender and ideal for one serving.

Guinea Fowl: An excellent alternative to Chicken, why not try something different.


Bevan's Specials:

Chicken Cushion: Completely boneless whole chicken stuffed with sage and onion, with a light sprinkling of paprika to help the skin crisp beautifully.

Chicken Parcels: Boneless chicken thigh, stuffed with sage and onion and wrapped in bacon. And for those who are feeling more adventurous we offer a Mexican style version, stuffed with our chilli sausage with a spicy hot sauce on top. Ideal for a quick dinner.

Free Range Chicken Breast – stuffed with spinach and ricotta, easy to cook serves one.

Marinated Chicken fillets – We offer around five different types of marinated options such as Greek yoghurt, piri piri, and lemon pepper.




Our game comes from Alresford in Hampshire provided by our long time supplier Blackmoor Game which is a family run business specialising in procurement and processing of wild game and has been in the industry for over 25 years.

With this experience comes excellent rich taste and preparation of the product.

Haunch of Venison: A great alternative to beef, rich in taste and lean for a wonderful healthy meal

Wild Boar: Bred on Laverstock farm, with a slightly gamey taste this is a great eat.

Pheasant: Excellent gamey taste, we also offer this bird wrapped in bacon and stuffed with apple and sage.

Partridge: A very delicate gamey taste, very tender and ideal for one.