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Pork Produce

Our pork comes from locally bread pigs in Guildford, Surrey. Fed on special cereal diets and living a totally free range life these animals provide consistently superior meat.


Belly of Pork – Scored skin makes for excellent crackling. Cook slowly for best results

Shoulder of Pork – A balance of lean meat and tasty fat makes this a perfect roasting joint.


Leg of Pork – Perfect for an economical family roast.


Prime Cuts:

Pork Chops – Beautifully tender and easy to cook, just grill or pan fry.


Pork Steaks – Completely boneless and simple to cook.


Pork Schnitzels – Lean pork flattened and then dipped into our special breadcrumbs make a nice quick dinner.


Pork Tenderloin – Probably the leanest and most tender cut, ideal for grilling or frying.



  • Dry Cured Back Bacon
  • Dry Cured Streaky Bacon
  • Smoked Back Bacon
  • Smoked Streaky Bacon
  • Free Range Gammon Joint
  • Free Range Smoked Gammon Joint



Pork Pork Bacon