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Lamb Produce

Our Lamb grazes on the salt marshes of the Thames Estuary giving the lamb a unique flavour. The animals are left to graze on the open banks during the summer months. The natural grasses and samphire are free from any form of fertilizers and provide a totally free-range environment for the animals to live.

Bevan’s Joints:


Leg of Lamb - Perfect for roasting and a real center piece for your table.


Shoulder of Lamb - Roast slowly for a delicious meal.


Best End of Lamb - Visually stunning and delicious.


Rack of Lamb - Ideal for dinner parties and special occasions.


Prime Cuts:


Lamb Longboat – Taken from the saddle and completely boneless, stuffed with sage and onion and apricots. Great for special occasions.


Loin Chops – Very tender, very tasty and very easy to cook.


Lamb Noisette – Taken from the loin and completely boneless, All of the fat and gristle has been removed to make this cut extremely tender.

Other Lamb products:


Lamb Mince – Our salt marsh lamb minced, ideal for Shepherds pie.


Diced Lamb – Selected lean cubes for many uses.


Lamb Shank – for best results cook slowly and the meat will fall of the of the bone.


Other Lamb products:


Butterfly leg of lamb - marinated in a Greek style sauce


Lamb Kebab – Tenderized lamb fillet in a mint and rosemary sauce, with courgettes and bell peppers.


Lamb Kofta – Lamb with cumin, garlic and mint on a BBQ skewer, simple and very tasty.


Lamb Chops