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Beef Produce

We procure the finest beef from the peaty burns in the glens of Scotland; specially selected for the highest quality to meet our high standards. The cattle are fed on an all grass diet, which ensures that the animals have a healthy lifestyle and give the meat excellent fat marbling which enhances the flavor. All of our beef has matured on the bone for a minimum of 30 days in specially designed refrigeration, which creates a superb end product every time.

Bevan’s Joints:


Fore Rib – Creates a visually, mouthwatering Sunday roast on or off the bone, let one of our butchers trim to your needs.


Toprump/Topside – One of the easiest joints to carve and very easy to cook. This joint is lean and can be used in lots of recipes.


Rolled Sirloin – The king of Beef roasting joints, beautifully succulent and juicy and very easy to carve.


Bevan’s Prime Cuts – Steaks:


Rib Eye – Tender yet beautifully marbled, which produces a fantastic flavour roasted or cooked on the BBQ.


Fillet Steak – Very tender, very lean and succulent. Great for special occasions.


Sirloin Steak – Possibly the best of all steaks, this versatile cut is perfect grilled or cooked on the BBQ.


T-Bone Steak – A real treat, Sirloin and Fillet cut together on the bone to make a truly special steak.


Other Beef products:


Free Range Minced Beef – Our grass fed beef is used to make the best mince recipies.


Beef Burgers – Try our award winning beef burgers, perfect in the oven or on the BBQ.

Beef Steak