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Cheese Produce

Visit our cheese counter at Longacres or Kingston to see our wide range of cheeses. From local cheeses to specialist cheeses from all around the world, we are sure to have something to compliment any meal or compliment any dinner party.

Local Cheese:

Barkham Blue – An award winning creamy local blue cheese made by two hoots of Barkham.

Wigmore – Local sheep’s milk brie with a delicate white rind & a creamy, sweet interior.

Waterloo – This is a mild, semi-soft Guernsey milk cheese with a buttery flavor.


Best Sellers:

Snowdonia Black Bomber – A strong cheddar from north Wales.

Green Thunder – Creamy mature cheddar with garlic & garden herbs.

Afterburn – Cheddar flavored with hot chili & garlic. Not for the faint hearted!


Exotic Cheeses:

Vignotte – A firm, triple cream cheese with a rich flavor and lemony overtones. A truly decadent cheese to savour.

Cave aged Gruyere – Matured for a minimum of fourteen months in natural sandstone caves.

Mountain Gorgonzola – An Italian blue cheese made from pasteurized cows milk. This cheese has developed a sharp strong flavor that blue cheese lovers will love.