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Our Farmers

Bevan's Butchers has developed pioneering partnerships with farmers and suppliers throughout the UK.

Robin Spence and his family are one of our key beef farmers. They have farmed at Roberthill in Scotland for generations. In the spring, summer and autumn months their cattle graze on grass and clover along the Annan Valley.

The family continue to innovate in their farming techniques. The Spence’s know the sugar and protein content of the different grasses on their land. By grazing the animals on different parts of the farm throughout the year they can use this knowledge to produce beef that is rich in flavour and high in omega 3.


Dry aged beef tastes better: this is why Bevan’s have chosen to specialise in the art of dry ageing beef. The process encourages the natural enzymes in the meat to break down the muscle making it soft and tender. As the meat dries it develops rich layers of flavour.

Our Scottish beef is matured on the bone for at least twenty-one days before arriving at Bevan's. Once it arrives it is placed in our own state of the art refrigeration to continue the process.

Based in Wishaw, Scotland our partners MACDUFF have been producing grass fed beef for four generations. MACDUFF specialise in the most distinctive Scottish beef breeds such as Shorthorns and Angus Cross.



Bevan’s sells only the best and most delicious lamb. Our lambs are free range and fed on an all grass diet. Our breeds are a mixture of Texel Cross and Beltex. These animals are selected for the great depth of muscle in the legs and width in the shoulders.

The supply of lamb is seasonal and the best way to find out where your lamb comes from is to ask your butcher. Depending on the time of year your lamb may come from Scotland, Colne valley in Essex or the Surrey hills.



We believe a free range chicken is a tastier chicken so we stock the finest poultry reared to the highest standards.

Caldecott Farm

Our Cotswold Whites come from Caldecott Farm in the midlands. Reared by Robert Caldecott the Cotswold White, a naturally slow grown bird, enjoys a wonderful life and is reared for 9 weeks, 16% longer than a standard free range bird. These birds are given a natural diet, space and time, not growth hormones to develop. The result is a chicken with great flavour and texture.


For the ultimate chicken nothing comes close to the Copas Very Very Special. Reared to the same exceptional standards as our turkeys, Copas Chickens live a full and happy life to natural adult maturity for 12 weeks, more than double the life of a commercial chicken. These chickens are all British breeds sourced from a local independent hatchery and live a truly free range life on the farm in Cookham. They are fed on a natural cereal based diet supplemented with extra vegetables from a local vegetable farm.

Traditionally game hung for up to 14 days and hand finished, these chickens have a superior depth of flavour only known to those lucky enough to have sampled a Copas turkey.


Our Orchard Farm pigs are reared in Suffolk and the Kent North Downs. The pigs enjoy a diet that includes 20% apple pulp from the local cider factory, which adds to the flavour of the pork.

Growing pigs will be housed in social groups with free access to well strawed, tented lodges, which are nice and snug in winter and cool in summer. Straw is gathered at harvest from numerous local farms in order to provide nice warm bedding with which the pig can play or chew.



In season we specialize in Venison, Pheasants, Guinea Fowl, Red Leg Partridge and Rabbit. If you require something more specific please speak to your butcher or phone ahead.

Due to their wild foraged diets of grasses, grains, grubs and berries these animals develop a unique flavour unlike anything else. Wild animals also cover a lot of ground in their pursuits of food, which leads to unique muscle development and a high meat to bone ratio.