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About Bevan's Butchers

We have shops in three locations
(Effingham will also open Oct 2016)

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History of Bevans

Old Bevans's Butchers Shop in KingstonThe business was first founded by Reginald A Bevan at the end of the 19th century.

At this time refrigeration was beginning to expand enabling large shipments of meat from around the world (sheep from New Zeland, Beef from South America) and the UK.

Butchers shops were springing up everywhere, often several in the same street. Reginald started with shops in the Dover, Folkstone area then up to London. He built up trade in one area, sold it, then moved on to a new area to start again. Kingston happened to be the last shop he owned before passing away from asthma in 1938.

The shop was then taken over by his son Ronald A Bevan to continue through the war years and meat rationing.





Ron Bevan with Roy and Peter


In the 1970's his two sons Roy A Bevan & Peter Bevan joined the business and took over the reigns, and continued to grow the business and further cement their reputation.

In 2008, Robin A Bevan, son of Roy A Bevan took up the challenge, the 4th generation of Bevan's. Now with three state of the art shops to his name, the Bevan’s brand is growing, and with careful planning and a constant training program for our staff we hope to grow even further.

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